Berlin Permits Swimmers to Go Topless in Public Pools

Government officials have given the green light for women in Berlin to go topless at the city’s public swimming pools. The existing bathing rules were adjusted after a woman complained about discrimination; she was refused entry into a swimming pool for being topless.

The anonymous woman drove her point home at the senate’s ombudsperson’s office for standard practices for both genders. After her rebuttal, everyone is allowed to strip the upper body before going for a dip in the water.

Berliner Baederbetriebe, the organization that manages the swimming facilities, decided to modify the dress code to promote equality among the swimmers.

“The ombudsperson’s office very much welcomes the decision of the Baederbetriebe, because it establishes equal rights for all Berliners, whether male, female or non-binary, and because it also creates legal certainty for the staff at the Baederbetriebe,” Doris Liebscher, the head of the ombudsperson’s office, said.

Prior to this announcement, women flashing their nipples were asked to cover up or exit the pool.

“Now it is important that the regulation is applied consistently and that no more expulsions or house bans are issued,” Liebscher said.

Rules are always subject to change and with this amendment, women have the choice to leave the bikini top on the dock.

Source: https://apnews.com/article/germany-berlin-topless-swimming-pools-women-discrimination-292399fcd4290414d33ee8e8f46e1922