Bike Rack Blocked Off for “Royal Period of Mourning”


With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, several places across the United Kingdom are being shuttered for two weeks to honor the late monarch. Although most are on board with the period of mourning, one decision made by council definitely turned some heads.

Somehow, Norwich City Hall came to the conclusion that closing a bike rack for a “Royal period of Mourning” was a good idea. Apparently, people can’t even lock their bikes up because it’s too disrespectful.

The sign stating that the bike racks were closed was posted online and read: “Advance warning. Royal period of Mourning. If you leave your cycle here between these times it may be removed. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

With that message, the notices don’t exactly offer a reason as to why this decision was really made. Between September 9 and September 21 bikes will be removed if they’re seen attached to these bike racks. Bike riders will either need to get creative or forgo locking up their bikes.

People online definitely had opinions about the closure. One user said: “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another wrote: “If there’s a more bonkers form of ‘mourning’ I’d love to see it.”

After getting the side-eye, council printed off new posters clarifying that this specific rack had been shut as “floral tributes are being laid in the area.”

“As part of our careful and respectful response to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II we have closed one cycle rack outside City Hall which is within the designated area where people can lay their floral tributes.

“The sign is in place to help ensure the flowers that people have so carefully laid in place to pay tribute to the Queen aren’t damaged by people accessing their bicycles,” a Norwich City Council spokesperson said.

They added: “All other cycle racks in the city remain open, including those just a few feet away from City Hall.”


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