Bird to Blame for 14,000 People Left in the Dark


Power outages don’t happen too often so it’s important to get to the bottom of things when one does occur. Utility officials say a bird was to blame for a recent power out that happened in California’s San Diego County.

According to San Diego Gas and Electric, more than 14,000 customers were left without power just after 8:30 a.m. on August 24, 2022. Residents were powerless for more than 90 minutes when a bird collided with electrical equipment at a substation in La Mesa. The company did not identify what type of bird was involved in the incident.

The San Diego Police released a statement at the time of the incident warning people about the outage: “Power Outage in the area of Golfcrest Drive & Mission Gorge Road and surrounding areas. Please use caution, traffic signals may be out of order.”

Other areas impacted by the outage were College Area, Rolando, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro, Grantville, Talmadge, Lake Murray, La Mesa and El Cajon.

Thankfully, residents weren’t without power for too long. Power was restored to the area by 10:10 a.m.


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