Bit on the Butt by a Sea Turtle


When swimming in the ocean, the last thing one would expect to be bitten by is a sea turtle. One Russian tourist got in the middle of an unfortunate sea turtle attack where she was bit on the rear by the animal.

Lidia Bazarova was swimming near the popular Güzeolaba Resort in Antalya, in western Turkey, when the incident occurred. Apparently, she was only 10 to 12 feet from shore when she felt something latch onto her backside and tried to drag her under the water.

The attack came from a loggerhead sea turtle, which is a common species of sea turtle that can weigh up to 375 pounds. This species is also carnivorous and uses its powerful bill to snack on crabs, whelks and other mollusks. Not human rears.

The 64-year-old said that lifeguard Mustafa Sari saved her by “yelling” at the animal, which startled it into releasing its grip. Sari got the sea creature to head back into the depths of the ocean but also received a nasty bite as well. “We thank the lifeguard. Without him, maybe the result would have been bad,” daughter Kamila said.

Are sea turtle attacks the new shark attacks? Sea turtles are known to be aggressively territorial and there have been 11 sea turtle attacks in that area over the past two weeks alone.


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