Black Bear Blamed for B.C. Break-In


Michael Allison woke up to less-than-ideal news from his roommate when he woke up. His vehicle had been completely mangled by someone or more likely, something.

The Trail, British Columbia, native went outside to check his car, only to see shattered glass scattered everywhere, one of the back door’s metal frame was bent and there were scratch marks all across the vehicle.

“We both immediately came to the assumption that it must be the bear because we see it so often. And I mean, what else can just rip the door off like that?” said Allison. “There were very obvious bear prints right near where the door was shattered – and there was also some bear fur.”

The neighborhood has been home to a resident black bear, who seems to be the most likely culprit considering Allison sees him around two to three times a week.

Vanessa Ignardy with WildsafeBC says that “most often when bears break into things it’s because they’ve done so successfully in the past and received a food award of some sort.”

Ignardy also mentioned that when black bears do come out of hibernation, they will typically look for green spaces with dandelions but if a bear has had success finding food elsewhere, they’ll most likely direct attention to that spot again.

In nearby Rossland, several vehicles had been damaged by bears, including a bear that got trapped inside a resident’s truck. Police were called to Ona Stanton’s house at around 3:30 a.m. and assisted with removing the bear. It left behind quite the mess: shredded car seats, torn up plastic and exposed wiring in the truck’s interior.

“I guess the best thing about retelling a story is that hopefully, it saves somebody else from having their vehicle destroyed,” Ignardy said.


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