Boat Falls From Tow Truck Onto Pennsylvania Highway

Taking the highway is usually the most efficient way to get anywhere across the United States, that is unless a boat blocks off the roadway. Both lanes of a highway ramp in Pennsylvania were blocked by a boat that fell from a tow truck.

Authorities in Bucks County said that the boat was being towed on northbound Route 1 in Neshaminy, Pennsylvania, on May 9, 2023. According to reports, the boat fell from the back of the tow truck and ended up blocking both lanes of the ramp to business Route 1.

The Trevose Fire Company Station 4/84 posted on Facebook about the incident. “Avoid Route 1 folks…that’s an expensive oops…” the department wrote. That’s a pricy fix indeed.

Fortunately, the boat was later removed and the lanes reopened. Officials also said that no injuries were reported during the incident. Next time, the boat might have more luck traversing the open seas than a highway.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/TrevoseFireCompanyStation484/posts/pfbid0thMf1iAZvVZTsLo7j31LRYvL3n1ody4shwUZYXvkyw6srzuvqQbFEQaxsG3X6aJl