Bombshell Scare Causes Chaos at Airport

A bomb scare at Ben Gurion airport in Israel caused widespread panic throughout the airport. The mayhem started when an American family that had toured the Golan Heights in Jerusalem arrived at the airport for their flight back to the United States.

One of the children found and took a used bombshell and sneakily slipped it into his luggage, planning to take home it home as a souvenir from the trip. Assuming they would be able to get on the plane with the bombshell, the family checked in their luggage with security. They were completely candid about the shell, showing their treasure off to the security staff.

That’s when chaos occurred. Security immediately called for an evacuation of the area when they saw what could’ve easily been mistaken as live ammunition. This sent people all over the airport running away from the area, crouching behind anything they could to keep them safe.

Everything was deemed fine once the bomb squad was able to secure the area and confirm the shell was no longer a threat. The evacuation of the airport was also canceled.

With such an event occurring, protocol requires an investigation of the incident, which authorities are completing.

The family was able to board their plane home, but it’s unclear if they were able to bring home the bombshell as a souvenir.