Boost Mobile Boosts Gunman’s Revenue


Criminals value their sleep and some opt for daytime robberies during the peak hours of the day. Nighttime robberies are too conventional for this 37-year-old daredevil.

Surveillance cameras revealed a gunman, Lawrence Bell, robbed the Boost Mobile store in Culver City, California. Bell was captured entering the store around 2:18 p.m. and pointing a black semi-automatic handgun at two staff members. In a swift movement, he jumped over the counter and threatened both employees to lay on the ground with their faces down while he stole $500 from the cash register.

Bell fled the scene promptly and he left a set of car keys at the store. The suspect’s vehicle was discovered a block away from the scene. In the backseat, cops found the suspect’s clothes, cash, and other supporting evidence.

Shortly afterward, cops managed to track Bell using the ankle monitor that he wore during the robbery. He was arrested for armed robbery, and according to officials, Bell is on parole for the criminal charges.

A day before this incident, there was an armed robbery at Subway on Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City. The suspect was seen wearing a black ski mask and placing an order for a sandwich. After receiving his order, he thought it was Trick-Or-Treat and demanded a bag be filled with cash as a treat. It comes as no surprise that he will be emptying his stash in jail in the company of the police officers.


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