Boozy Brunch Ends with Patron Head Over Heels


A boozy birthday brunch took an unexpected turn of events after a woman wound up wedged upside-down behind one of the restaurant’s booths. Obviously, her friends had to capture every bit of the hilarious moment.

Lindsey Clark, 40, from North Shields, ended up upside down after she tried to grab a coat at the end of a bottomless brunch for the 47th birthday of her friend Julie Jackson. Jackson had chosen the TwelveTwentyFive restaurant in the North Tyneside town for the celebration.

Whether it was plain old gravity or a little extra wine, Clark found herself head over heels behind the booth the group had been sitting in. With legs and heeled feet on full display, two of the restaurant’s staff members were able to pull her to safety.

“We were drinking all sorts but a lot of prosecco. My other friend’s jacket fell behind the sofa, so Lindsey reached down to get it and fell behind the sofa,” Jackson said. “She was stuck for about ten minutes in total.

“The staff were all lovely, they could have been funny about it, but they were really nice. It’s not a birthday I’ll forget.”

After sharing a hilarious video of the incident on Facebook, Jackson says the video has racked up more than 2,000 likes.

“I didn’t expect to get that reaction. Lindsey finds it hilarious, it’s just a bit of a laugh.

“She’s always wanted to be famous, although I don’t think this is how she expected it to happen.”


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