Bothersome Bear Travels Nearly 100 Miles to Wreak Havoc on Former Town


A mischievous bear made headlines in 2021 for several crimes he committed in Roccaraso, Italy. These high-profile incidents range from biscuit thievery to bin break-ins and even public urination. His most notable offence was when he broke into a bakery and stole some freshly baked biscotti.

Two relocation attempts were made for the animal, the first being in December 2021. In March, the two-year-old cub was captured and sent to an enclosure in the village of Palena, which specializes in ‘problem animals.’ To rehabilitate the animal, authorities released him into the wilderness surrounding the Apennine mountains.

Instead of staying in the area, the bear made his way back to Roccaraso, which is over 100 miles from where he was released. The animal spent 18 days trekking through Maiella National Park, mostly feeding on ants. Park rangers were able to track the bear through a satellite collar.

A statement from park officials said: “The bear’s return to Roccaraso was an outcome which, since the start of the translocation project, was considered highly probable.”

The bear is a rare Mariscan species, which only has about 50-60 left in the wild. Genetically, they are a bit different from brown bears, which live mainly in the Alps and other parts of Europe.

The returning offender, named Juan Carrito, was recently spotted near Roccaraso’s railway station, ensuring that his taste for biscuits is here to stay.

Officials from Italy’s ministry and wildlife experts are now discussing on what the next steps will be with the animal. One of the measures being discussed is introducing bear-proof bins to prevent the bear from trying to snack on the locals’ trash.


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