Bottle-Fed Babies Grow Into Weird Sex Addicts


The decision to breastfeed is one that most moms do not take lightly. When weighing the decision to turn into a human food supply, something new to consider is whether they want to raise a sex addict in the making. That thought can determine whether to shove the nipple into the baby’s mouth or pass for good.

Antonella Gambotto-Burke, an enlightened feminist and author of the 2015 book Mama: Love, Motherhood, and Revolution, argues that “breast-fed babies are less likely to be kinky in adulthood and more likely to bond with their mums.”

According to her theory, bottle-fed babies have a higher chance of developing rubber fetishism as adults. The comforting bottles with their smell, taste and feel can influence their love for unusual sexual practices.

The link is entirely obvious to this feminist. Burke said: “Babies who suck on, smell and fiddle with rubber or synthetic rubber-teated bottles and dummies will quite naturally crave the same sensations in later life.”

She added: “This can manifest in various ways, which includes them eating it, watching fetishistic pornography, wearing it, or otherwise using it in sexual BDSM practices.”

Her personal experience is a testament to this claim. Burke explains: “People feel comforted by rubber. I know I do. I’ve always been drawn to it and love the smell and the feel of latex clothing. Now I understand why: it’s because I was bottle-fed with those really thick rubbery teats.” This statement is a bold way to blame the well-intentioned parents for a kinky style.

The bottle sucking does not stop with sexual tendencies and it has far-reaching implications. “There is an indisputable link between modern childbirth practices and skyrocketing rates of anxiety, drug addiction, and relationship breakdowns,” Burke said.

You could potentially kill a child by feeding them with a bottle. Based on her research, bottle-fed children are more susceptible to experiencing chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses in their adult years, such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

Moms, it’s time to throw the bottles at your husbands and show some nipple love to the baby.


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