Bottled Water That Comes in Jelly Form


Keeping yourself hydrated during the summer months is extremely important. A viral summer product in Japan is making it even easier to consume water for those people who find it difficult to drink.

Water jelly is a versatile way to drink more water on a daily basis. Instead of flowing out of a bottle like a liquid, it slides out just like jelly would. There are also multiple ways of consuming the product, including drinking it right out of the bottle, eating it with a spoon or adding it to the top of fruit. You can even freeze the product to create a sorbet.

The refreshing treat has been around for a while but the heatwaves happening across the world are probably where to turn for its resurgence. Water jelly is currently one of the hottest drinks in Japan right now, selling 2.8 times better than one maker, JR East Cross Station Water Business Company, expected.

Despite being called water jelly, the product is actually flavored, with ramune being the most popular flavor for the company. It apparently has a caloric content of 55 calories per 100 ml, which is quite high. A 100 ml can of Coca-Cola contains only 37.5 calories.

It mainly seems like water jelly is for older people and to help those with swallowing difficulties stay hydrated. Market data shows the product is popular amongst consumers between the ages of 30 and 50.


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