Bounce Across the World’s Longest Inflatable Obstacle Course


Inflatable obstacle courses are fun for the whole family. An adventure park nabbed the Guinness World Record with its installation, clocking in at an incredible 1,863.5 feet long. With a course that long, it’s probably the most fun as well.

The Conifox Adventure Park in Kirkliston, Scotland, called up the Guinness World Records who confirmed that they were the new record holder for the world’s longest inflatable obstacle course. The Tartan Titan is a whopping 239.5 feet longer than the previous record holder: Belgium’s The Beast.

This weird achievement was posted by the park on its Facebook page. The course features a fun 50 sections of obstacles, including “The Corkscrew,” “Wipe Out,” “Ninja Run,” “Ladder Challenge,” “Tidal Wave” and “Everest Slide.”

“‘The Tartan Titan’ has been fantastically well received and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to announce that it has been officially adjudicated as the world’s longest, by the Guinness World Records.

“Dates to take on the challenge are running out and we’re keen that as many people as possible get the chance to experience this amazing attraction,” James Gammell, managing director at Conifox Adventure Park, said.

The park said the obstacle course will only be open to the public from August 6 to August 16.


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