Boy Rings Fifth Birthday With Sexy Hooters Staff

The traditional children’s birthday set-up features colorful balloons, cake, and screaming kids. A family ditched the ordinary set-up for an adult form of entertainment at Hooters.

In a viral TikTok video, a five-year-old boy ordered the classic wings and fries to indulge in for his special day. While he was enjoying his meal with his family, a group of waitresses surrounded him with their deep v-neck long-sleeve shirts and shorts that fall just shortly below the buttocks. It’s Hooters’ standard uniforms but it’s hardly the crowd you’d expect for a young boy’s birthday party.

In the video, the women silenced the other diners to get ready to sing for the birthday boy. The father told the boy to stand up on the chair, while one of the waitresses stuck two cones in his mouth and gave him two plates for his wings. He was instructed to flap the wings to the tunes.

Is this a celebratory moment or an embarrassing moment for the lost child? It looks like dad had more fun than the boy with the ladies show. One user wrote: “Why they gotta humiliate the poor kid like that.”

Mom might be on the boy’s side with this one, as a person pointed out: “Mom will be giving dad the death stare later.”

Another added: “The day little Tommy did not want to play video games no more.”

Not everyone was against the singing since the comments section had a Hooters previous employee: “As a mother and a former Hooters girl who even worked there pregnant, I 100 percent support this.”