Boyfriend Insists on Naming Child After Ex’s Pet


It can be difficult to come up with baby names and although sometimes a partner has a good idea, it doesn’t translate as well when details are left out.

A woman took to Reddit to explain her situation. She and her partner of five years are expecting their first child together. The couple have been trying to decide which boy name they’d like to go with. When her partner suggested Max, she agreed to consider it because she thought it was just an average name. That wasn’t the case at all.

The man’s sister told the woman the origins of the name, which made her change her mind. Max was the name of a cat he shared with his ex-fiancée.

“We were talking to his sister about baby names and I mentioned that he suggested Max. She brought up that it was the name of a cat he shared with his ex-fiancée. When they broke up, she took the cat and he never saw it again.

“When we got home I told my partner I’m not comfortable naming our first baby after the cat he had with his ex. It felt kind of gross to me. He told me I’m overreacting. It’s just a name and it’s not like the cat and the baby will ever meet,” the woman wrote in her Reddit post.

The woman also mentioned that it felt wrong to give their baby the same name as a pet that was essentially like the ex-couple’s own child. Unfortunately, her boyfriend doesn’t feel the same way and thinks his partner is just being too sensitive about the situation.

Reddit users took to the comment section to debate the topic, with many saying the name of the child shouldn’t be chosen lightly.

One person wrote: “It’s not just a name, it will be the name of your kid and it will stay with them their whole life. It’s weird he wanted to name the baby after a cat and didn’t tell you.”

Another commented: “Naming a baby after a pet you shared with an ex is weird and makes it sound like the person doing so isn’t over their ex.”


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