Boys Damage Property For The Gram


Public investigators reported nine young boys intentionally damaging vinyl fencing outside a private residence.

Security video revealed a group of teenagers lined up and darting towards a row of fences lining West Omaha, Nebraska. The panels break down, and the boys hurry into their three cars and leave the premises.

This crime is a result of inspiration from a trending ‘Kool-Aid Man’ fence-breaking challenge, and it was one of eight homes that reported damages to their property. All eight of the fences were near the Chalco Hills Recreation Area.

Robert McWilliams, the homeowner, said: “I just thought maybe it was some wind damage but when we saw for the first time I was just blown away knowing full well it was absolutely vandalism.”

It will cost McWilliams approximately $3,500 to fix the fence. The repairs extend beyond the broken panels, McWilliams explains, “Because those particular panels are no longer available we’ll have to replace everything, and of course, with the supply chain shortage it might be a while before we get it up.”

Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis expressed gratitude for the community’s assistance in tracking down the juveniles promptly. “I am grateful for the cooperation we had from the community, our friends from local media outlets, and the diligent work of our Road Patrol and Investigations units,” he said.

Peer pressure can lead to regrets. If one monkey thinks it’s cool to break things, eight others join the pack regardless of the pain. Some challenges do not need bandwagoners, and these boys learned the hard way.


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