Bride Arrested After Lacing Food with Marijuana


A bride and her caterer were arrested after a number of wedding guests suddenly fell ill. Bride Danya Glenny, 42, and caterer Joycelyn Bryant, 31, could now be charged with tampering, negligence and marijuana delivery.

Miranda Cady, one of the wedding guests and a friend of Glenny, was one of the many others that started feeling off during the reception. Several people reported having stomach aches and experienced vomiting throughout the event.

“I just started feeling a little bit dizzy, just kind of like the room was spinning a little bit and things were distorted,” Cady said. “I think people thought they were having heart attacks.”

According to a report filled out by the Seminole County Sherriff’s Office, it was a man who called 911 and told them he “felt like he had drugs inside him.” Police arrived at the scene and took samples from the food to test for drugs.

As per the arrest affidavit, the lasagna and a piece of bread both tested positive for containing THC. Despite the food being laced with marijuana, Glenny and another individual told police she did not consent to cannabis being put in any of the food.

The sheriff’s office linked Glenny and Bryant to the charge after their brief investigation, which included interviews with witnesses, victims, and other caterers.

Cady said she felt violated during the whole affair. She now wants an apology and an explanation.

“I actually texted myself at one time a message just in case I didn’t make it through the night,” she said. “Whatever the reason, I think people just want an explanation.”


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