Bride Cancels Wedding Over Food Options


There are several reasons why people call off weddings all the time but most of them don’t include disagreeing over the food options available to guests. A woman called off her wedding after he fiancé canceled all the vegan food options on the menu behind her back.

The woman posted on Reddit about the situation, detailing her experience over the cancelation. “There wasn’t much that we disagreed on during the wedding planning except for food. Me and my family are vegans and there are so many reasons why we chose this lifestyle and one of them being that we have a history of health issues.

“My fiancé and his family are the complete opposite. They’re hardcore meat eaters which is fine by me obviously,” she wrote.

She wanted to have at least four or five vegan options on the menu so there were plenty of meals to choose from but her fiancé was not having it. He called the additional vegan meals a “waste of money” and that it “isn’t real food.”

The woman eventually found out he had canceled all the vegan options behind her back. When she tried to call him about it while he was at work, he kept hanging up on her.

“I went straight to his workplace and confronted him there and just flipped out on him. He was stunned to see me. He at first said it was his mum’s idea then told me to go home because I was making a scene at the office,” she said.

It gets worse. The groom’s mother ended up messaging the woman to say it was “responsible of him to make that move because of my continual refusal to see how this stuff is a waste of money.” After getting blamed by his mother, she had enough.

Many people highlighted the red flags in the original post. One user wrote: “Is there a better way to start a marriage than making sure that the bride has nothing to eat on her wedding day?”

Another commented: “Are you sure you want to marry this man and his family? They have no respect at all for you and yours.”

In a follow up post, the woman gave an update about the situation. The talk between the couple “didn’t go well” and the wedding was called off. “Realizing that my partner himself thinks it’s okay to steamroll my opinions and decisions simply because he’s prioritizing others and their opinions over me was really upsetting and not something that could be looked past,” she said.

She added: “Marriage is about compromise and here he has nothing to lose yet chose to do this to me and my family.”


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