Bride Declares Minimum Cash Amount for Her Wedding Gifts

Gifts given out of obligation lose their meaning quickly and you might even start to resent the person for their unreasonable demands. An anonymous woman found herself in a sticky situation and she wanted to clear her doubts so she asked a question in a Reddit forum.

The story goes that she was invited to her close friend’s wedding in Belgium and she’s from the U.K. They’ve had a long-distance friendship for over a decade so the poster’s initial reaction was excitement to fly out and be there for her friend on her big day.

The lady’s bill was racking up with the cost of flight tickets and accommodations. She still wanted to get her friend something special and she had her eyes set on a custom piece of art with the couple’s birthstones. She didn’t order it yet but it was in the back of her mind.

There was a different plan running in the bride’s head when she informed her friend that she was imposing a new guest rule where people are expected to bring a minimum of $250 cash. She justified the rule as a common practice and customary in Belgium. If a guest didn’t drop the cash, she would slam the doors in their face since they weren’t allowed entry into the venue without the money.

Hearing the bride’s demands, her friend was speechless and spoke out that the rule is inappropriate. She didn’t feel comfortable paying the amount and the bride said the money was going towards their new house. All 97 guests were expected to bless the couple by chipping in money to pay for their joint residence.

They had an argument where the bride had a meltdown after the friend’s pushback and she said her dad promises three grand as a gift. The friend wasn’t ready to spoil the bride so she declined the invitation and the bride is going around telling people that the friend is sabotaging her special day.

Reddit users have dropped their opinions. Do we have a greedy bridezilla or a stingy friend?

Most people undoubtedly took the side of the friend as one person wrote: “That’s not a custom. Sounds like she figured out the cost per person and tacked on additional money to profit off her wedding. Tacky.”

A person from Belgium separated the fact from fiction replying: “Hi, Belgian person here. I hope to clarify something to you. While it is true that most guests at a Belgian wedding will leave an envelope with cash for the bride and groom, it is completely pulled out of their arse to demand 250 pounds per guest.”

As another person added: “Enjoy your wedding-free vacation in Belgium!”