Bride’s Grandmother Buried in Her Custom Wedding Dress


Planning a wedding can be the most stressful thing a couple can do together. Most do tons of preparation beforehand and hope all goes to plan. Unfortunately, for one bride and groom, that wasn’t the case.

A groom-to-be tried to hide his unbelievable mistake by attempting to find a replacement in time for his bride’s $2,300 wedding gown. Kasia, the owner of Kasia’s Bridal & Special Occasion Boutique in Chicago, Illinois, shared the unbelievable wedding story on TikTok.

“So this groom calls me today, frantic as hell, crying practically. ‘Can you help me, my bride bought her dress with you last year. I understand that she picked it up … but I need to reorder it,'” she said.

Kasia thought the groom had other motives when it came to the dress for the bride-to-be. The groom let her know that he had seen the dress and that he just needed to know if Kasia could re-order the dress quickly. When the groom tried to tell this information Kasia, he had to hand off the phone to the bride’s brother after he broke down in tears.

“Well, it’s an unfortunate situation. You see, the bride gave the dress to our mother to go ahead and store in safe keeping. And my mom did just that. She put it in her closet, and no one goes in there. Just my mom,” the bride’s brother said.

Two weeks after that, their grandmother had passed away. Since their grandfather had been buried in his tuxedo, their grandmother wanted to be buried in her wedding gown. “Mom told me and my future brother-in-law to go get grandma’s wedding dress out of the closet. So we did. We didn’t know to get the box. We took the bag,” he continued.

They accidentally dropped the bride’s dress off at the funeral home, which had been put on the grandmother that was now buried wearing said dress.

Ultimately, the story turned out to be a happy ending. The groom was able to come clean and the bride was able to shop for a new dress to be able to fit her figure as she’d recently found out that she was pregnant.

Kasia’s video went viral with millions of people wanting to know more about the story. One user wrote: “Me thinking he’s freaking out bc he just accidentally saw the dress before the day… I WISH IT WAS JUST THAT!”

Another commented: “This should be an episode of a sitcom.”


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