British Library Waives Fine for Book 58 Years Overdue

Although taking out a book from the library is a great way to expand your reading list, it doesn’t help when pricy late fees are involved. A British library was kind enough to waive its $52,400 late fee for a book that was 58 years overdue.

David Hickman checked out a book called The Law for Motorists from the Dudley Library in 1964. At the time, he was preparing to go to court to defend himself in a case involving a minor traffic charge. The book wasn’t much help in the long run as he ended up having to pay a minor fine for driving without due care and attention.

Credit: Express and Star

When Hickman moved to London, England, in 1970, the book happened to come with him. “I used to come across it now and then and think ‘I must pop that back next time I’m in Dudley,'” Hickman said. “I even considered posting it anonymously but then I decided I would face the music and take it back in person.”

Now 76, Hickman was finally able to return the book in person. Lucky for him, the librarians decided to waive the overdue fee of about 25 cents per day, saving him from a fine of around $52,400.

Dudley librarian Sharon Whitehouse said the special book may soon have a new home at the Black Country Museum because of this strange incident.

Source: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/dudley/2023/01/19/dudley-man-returns-book-to-library-58-years-late-but-avoids-42k-late-fees/