Broke Millionaire Refuses to Job Hunt


First clause: Get a permanent job.

Second clause: Contribute something to society.

Then, roll in the money and live your best life with $12 million.

The above clauses seem straightforward and simple to obey in exchange for a large inheritance. However, the first clause is too demanding for a spoiled Australian heiress who has anything but work on the agenda for her life plans.

Clare Brown is entitled to a $12 million fortune but has not met the requirements stated in her father’s will. Brown’s firm stance on staying unemployed is a result of her health condition and she believes the employment clause is unfair. The millions of dollars are collecting dust while she struggles financially like a paper bag princess on welfare.

Brown protested saying: “I understand why these people want me to be a functioning member of society, however, you have to look at my diagnosis and realize that is not going to happen. I am not going to learn how to drive because I have ADHD. I have the attention span of a gnat.”

Brown currently resides in the suburbs in Mount Druitt, Sydney, with her wife Lauren and daughter. Their current living situation astounds people as a sharp contrast to her upbringing on the city’s east side where she attended one of the most elite schools.

Chris Brown, Clare Brown’s father, a stock trader, used to give her a $500 weekly allowance when he was alive. However, he was firm with the finances and cut her off from financial assistance leading her to reach for government welfare.

Brown’s family is fed up with the excuses. Her family member said: “We’d like her to get a job and contribute to society. Instead of her agreeing to her dead dad’s wishes, she turned around and sued her trust. We are at our wit’s end. We have done nothing but love Clare.”

Clare concludes that: “I just want what is rightfully mine. And I want these people to get out of their heads that I am ever going to get a job.”

May the dad rest in peace and be proud of his ambitious daughter.


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