Bull Eager to Join the Crowd


Visitors at a rodeo got an exclusive meet-and-greet with the star-of-the-show and we aren’t talking about the rider. A bull sought to break away from the routine at a Florida rodeo. It turned the spectators into active participants when it escaped from a chute and hopped over the barrier. The raging bull sent the crowds running in different directions out of panic.

Christopher Thornton shared a video of the chaotic show at the Gus Trent Horse Ranch’s rodeo at the Florida State Fairgrounds. In the short video, the attendees are seen running away frantically to flee from the bull. Rodeo workers urged the audience to remain calm with the loudspeaker. However, it is challenging to maintain a calm demeanor when a bull is trying to lock an afternoon snack.

“Everyone was rushing, the parents were grabbing their kids. People were jumping over the chairs,” Thornton said. “The first thing in my head said to record it. I couldn’t believe this was happening at my first rodeo!”

A handler on horseback saves the frightened guests by chasing after the bull and roping the animal back into the stadium. “Everyone just started clapping. Honestly, if he wasn’t able to catch the bull, more chaos would’ve definitely happened,” Thornton added.

Fortunately, there were no injuries and event visitors returned home in one piece. So who’s ready for round two?


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