Bunny Joins California Police Force

Who wouldn’t want to be arrested by a sweet, innocent bunny? A police department in California has adopted a pet rabbit and made it a part of the force.

Officer Ashley Carson found a lost rabbit back in 2022 in the middle of Percy Avenue in Yuba City, California. She originally had taken the rabbit to animal control, which was unable to find out who owned the hare.

Credit: Yuba City Police Department

To make sure the animal had a home, the police services analyst adopted the allegedly “docile and friendly” animal and named him Percy. The Yuba City Police Department decided to honor the bunny with a position, announcing the rabbit’s promotion to the rank of “wellness officer.”

“Officer Percy lounges at the police department during the day and is a support animal for all,” the department wrote on Facebook. “Most enjoy his company, while some are still getting used to the idea of a rabbit being inside a police department.”