Burger King Goes Viral by Topping Whoppers With Bizarre Ingredients


Fast food restaurants love to drum up business every once in a while by setting the internet ablaze with some weird new menu item. This time, it looks like Burger King has taken the cake.

This isn’t the first time that Burger King has released limited-edition items, but these may be the weirdest yet. The company has now garnered quite the attention thanks to a new line of Whoppers that recently debuted in Germany.

Credit: Burger King

The lineup of Whoppers features an array of unique toppings, including some containing vanilla ice cream and olives, another featuring eggs and bananas, one with strawberries and cream and what just might be the weirdest of them all: a Whopper topped with slices of currywurst and an entire fried herring. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Several posts on Twitter went viral talking about the absurdity of some of these burgers. One post read: “May someone of my non-German mutuals explain German Burger King to me,” with a photo of the crazy concoctions attached.

One user wrote: “This one looks like you asked a 6-year-old to combine all his favorite foods,” referring to the “Erdbeereis & Pommes,” aka the Strawberry Ice Cream and Fries Whopper.

Despite the seemingly grotesque pictures that circulated online, these burgers were part of a one-off promotion held in Berlin for Mother’s Day 2022 as a nod to unconventional pregnancy cravings.


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