Burger King Introduces Ice Whoppers


Hungry individuals need food selections that are refreshing and light to nourish themselves in a heat wave. Select restaurant franchises are ready to meet evolving customer demands. The innovation in fast food chains never stops as bizarre food options flood their summer menus.

Burger King Japan launched an item called the “Ice Whopper” as the ideal summer burger. The juicy patty has a layer of shaved ice with vegetables to allow people to cool down. Dining is a sensory experience and this burger blends unique textures to appeal to its customers.

Customers are left to chew on ice along with the heat of the patty. If they wait to get home to devour the burger, they may end up with a depressing wet soggy burger.

For the food enthusiast open to exploring food options, the Ice Whopper comes with an Ice Bottle as part of a limited-edition “Summer Love Set.” People can suck on a bottle of frozen Coca-Cola if they want to increase their chances of a brain freeze.

This food item is not an easy find as it’s only available at one popup stall at a beach in Kanagawa Prefecture for two days. A food reservation is mandatory to get a taste of this burger.

Run while supplies last. Beach visitors can ride the waves with a quality burger to satisfy their appetite.


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