Burglars Steal $250,000 From Strip Club by Cutting Hole in Roof

Pulling off a huge heist will certainly make the news. Atlanta police are investigating a burglary that occurred at a popular strip club, where two suspects stole $250,000 cash by cutting a hole in the roof of the building.

The burglary happened at Onyx Gentlemen’s Club in Atlanta, Georgia on May 6, 2024. At around 4:15 a.m., the two thieves wearing white ski masks and gloves cut a hole in the roof and climbed into the business, where they used power tools to break into the safes storing $250,000.

The suspects spent close to two hours inside the strip club before surveillance cameras recorded them leaving just before 6 a.m. According to employees who work at the establishment, multiple surveillance cameras recorded the heist.

The suspects were last seen running from the business. An investigation into the burglary remains ongoing.

Source: https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/brazen-burglars-steal-250k-cash-by-cutting-hole-into-roof-popular-atlanta-strip-club/6B36V2YDHBHJTFL4X6PMI2QLQU/