Cadbury Bar Will Not Melt at 2000 Degrees Celsius


On a hot summer day, it can be a disappointment to slip your hands into your bag only to find melted chocolate. It can be a nuisance to indulge in the sweetness, then lick the residue off your fingers or find the nearest sink. For the chocolate lover who doesn’t want to settle for candy, Cadbury’s Flake will not lose shape even if it’s left in the heat for hours.

The claim was put to a trial on a YouTube channel Thompson STEM Engagement. He attempted many tactics to melt the chocolate bar but all attempts failed.

Unlike Dairy Milk which melts immediately under heated conditions, Flake lasted several minutes in the microwave. You can spin it around the appliance a few times and the Flake is still intact to enjoy.

A hot frying pan was also ineffective in melting the rock-solid chocolate piece.

His third method involved a bain marie but the Flake still held up true to its form. Even after it was placed on top of the pan with boiling water, there was no visible change to the structure of the bar.

The YouTuber had to take it up a notch because this bar is sturdy and will not budge without a fight. He revealed a 2000 degrees Celsius blowtorch and lit up the Flake. Surprisingly, the chocolate still didn’t melt but it did catch on fire. He had more chances of burning his house to the ground than altering the shape of the two-dollar chocolate bar.

The manufacturing process reveals the sturdiness of the bar. Flake gets produced in a different way than the traditional chocolate bar. The process involves a unique composition of fat and cocoa solids and the melting fat cannot adequately lubricate the cocoa particles to the melting state.

Enjoy the bar without trying to replicate the experiment if you value your house.


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