Candidate Runs on Campaign Littered With Spelling Mistakes

Running for a position of power within a school board requires a lot of responsibility and the ability to be able to spell to some degree. A Washington school board candidate is looking for a spot on the school board just two years after running an unsuccessful campaign riddled with false claims, this time with typos and grammatical errors galore.

Charles Mister Jr. submitted a candidate statement about why he should get a spot on the Everett school board that was covered with typos and grammatical errors that were nearly illegible. “I want to bring out techers to create quality leaming enviarments thats only the teaches and prants,” the statement reads.

The 69-year-old plans on running on a platform where he can work closely with educators and parents to limit fights in schools and advocate for people of color, while also providing free lunches for children and up-to-date technology for the school board.

In 2021, Mister came second place in the primary, losing the general election with 26.2 percent of the vote. During this campaign, he claimed he was a former police captain, held office as a City Council member, obtained two degrees from Saint Louis University and more questionable claims that couldn’t be confirmed. He also reported he had fostered more than 60 children.

This year, his voter pamphlet reported that he holds two degrees in psychology and criminology but doesn’t specify from which schools. The statement also claims Mister is a retired police officer but again doesn’t state where.

Despite all the inaccuracies and claims floating around, Mister is still confident in his chances. “You can print what you want in your newspaper, because I’m going to win this election,” Mister said. “I hope we’ll be friends when I win it. I want you to keep that in mind. You’re talking to Charles Mister on this day — cloudy, rainy day. Don’t double cross me. Because if you do, and I win that election, then you got a problem.”

Ballots in Snohomish County were mailed on October 19, 2023. Voters are expected to mail or drop off their ballots by November 7, 2023, to ensure their vote is counted in the election.