Cannabis Planted in Town Displays


Planting flowers is a great way to liven up any space and including cannabis will definitely get the people talking. A community group in England made the mistake of adding the plant to a flowerbed before a passing gardener spotted the mistake.

The West Parley Parish Council posted on Facebook about the flowerbeds, with several people commenting on the post about the cannabis plants. Although they were trying to add a little splash of color to the town, they ended up being the butt of the joke.

Apparently, the plants were left there for a few days before anyone noticed the mistake. The group was alerted to the presence of a different kind of pot plant in their flowerbeds by Tray Veronica, who saw the ‘interesting plants’ sticking out of the display whilst on the school run.

“I was driving to drop my daughter off and as I drove down New Road I saw the planter, being a gardener I always notice things like that. But as I looked over I thought ‘oh my god, is that what I think it is?'” Veronica said.

Veronica continued: “When I drove past again I stopped to have a closer look and yes, it’s definitely cannabis. I was laughing all the way home.

“But at first there were six plants in there, now there’s only two. The first ones were so big, they were towering above the bedding plants. They absolutely thrived on that planter.”

Maybe next time, the group will think twice before adding any additional flowers to the mix.


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