Cannonball to a World Record


The summer is the perfect time to gather up a bunch of friends to accomplish a world record. A Belgian resort was able to break a Guinness World Record when 298 people did cannonball jumps into its Olympic-sized swimming pool, all at the same time.

The leisure chain LAGO Gent Rozebroeken wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its flagship location in Ghent in a big way and there’s nothing bigger than a world record. A total of 345 people took part in the simultaneous plunge into the pool.

Unfortunately, only 298 of those followed proper cannonball form. As per Guinness World Records guidelines, a cannonball is described as a dive where the knees must be raised up towards the chest and with both hands clasped around the knees. This form also had be held throughout, even when hitting the water, for the dive be to valid and contribute to the final count.

Thankfully, the 298 participants was enough to break the record according to the two Guinness adjudicators who witnessed the event to ensure proper form was followed.

The world record was previously set by The Salty Syndicate (New Zealand) in New Zealand back in 2013 with 232 participants.


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