Car Crashes Into Freshly Laid Concrete


A Rochester woman was taken into custody after driving through a barricade and getting stuck in wet concrete. The 53-year-old caused between $30,000 and $40,000 worth of damage trying to avoid a traffic stop attempted by a police officer.

According to Rochester Police Department Crime Prevention & Communications Coordinator Amanda Grayson, a Rochester police officer activated the squad’s emergency lights and sirens, and the driver yelled into a microphone, “Oh, look! I’m getting pulled over.”

She then proceeded to drive into oncoming traffic attempting to flee the scene. The officer chose not to pursue the driver because there was no threat to the health and life of the people in the surrounding area and because they knew what was coming next.

The driver drove through a construction sign and into wet concrete at a high rate of speed, causing her vehicle to get stuck. The woman refused to get out of the vehicle after the crash and the car was stuck for around 20 minutes before it was eventually towed away.

She was transported to Mayo Clinic Hospital-Saint Marys Campus and will be up on charges of two counts of fleeing police in a motor vehicle, one count of first-degree damage to property and having no insurance.

The department claimed that the driver has been involved in at least nine other incidents since early May 2022. They have also received several complaints about the woman’s driving and using a bullhorn to yell at people.

Robert CeManko, of Chippewa Concrete, had just finished his shift of laying the concrete when he watched the woman drive through the concrete they had just laid.

“She bottomed right out. She tried spinning her tires to keep going, but she just couldn’t,” CeManko said.


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