Casket Knocked Over During Family Funeral Brawl


Funerals are meant to be a time to celebrate the life of loved ones who have passed. Instead of doing just that, a family brawl broke out during a funeral in Richmond, California. It even got so heated that the casket was knocked over.

According to the Richmond Police Department, the incident happened at Rolling Hills Memorial Park. Officers were called to the scene when a family member struck another relative with a cane during the fight. The battle only got worse from there.

The relative that was hit with the cane, got into his car in an attempt to retaliate. He thought he could easily run over his target but missed him completely. He managed to hit a different funeral attendee and knock over their loved one’s casket. As the suspect drove on the grass, he drove over gravestones and broke a water main and flooded the funeral director’s grandmother’s plot

The man suffered from minor injuries. He was given medical treatment for injuries he sustained during the fight and was then promptly arrested by the Richmond Police Department. Authorities posted about the altercation on Facebook.


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