Cat Caught at Airport After 3 Weeks on the Run


Airports are a disaster these days so it’s no surprise that a cat was on the run at an airport for three weeks before being captured.

Airline employees, airport personnel and animal experts all worked together at Boston’s Logan International Airport to find a family’s beloved pet after it escaped from its pet carrier three weeks ago.

“Whether out of fatigue or hunger we’ll never know, but this morning she finally let herself be caught,” an airport spokesperson said.

The cat, named Rowdy, was given a health check and is all clear to be returned to her family. “I’m kind of in disbelief. I thought, ‘What are the odds we’re actually going to get her back?’ But I got a call this morning and I am just so shocked,” said her owner, Patty Sahli.

Sahli and her husband, Rich, returned to the United States after 15 years in Germany with the Army. When their flight landed, the four-year-old black cat took off in pursuit of some birds. That was the last time they saw Rowdy.

The tables turned and soon Rowdy was the one being chased, in an airport-wide search for the animal that involved airport personnel, construction workers and animal welfare advocates. They attempted to use wildlife cameras and safe-release traps to catch the cat and eventually succeeded.

“It was such a community effort. We’re just so grateful to everyone who helped look for her,” said Sahli.


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