Cats Eyes Are Removed For Better Vision


Roadway signs are informative markers guiding drivers on their route to the final destination.

However, some signs leave drivers perplexed at the meaning and intention behind the display. Mysterious homemade signs popped up on the road in England, with odd messaging on the post.

The mystery element was intentional to get the motorists to slow down their bikes. The delayed reaction from the misleading message can slow down the traffic. Rob Adcock, an irritated protective father, felt fed up with motorists racing past his residence in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. His solution is to trick drivers into slowing down to catch a glimpse of the sign.

His plan worked as motorists saw the two signs that read, “CATS EYES REMOVED” and “MICE VERY HAPPY”. Whether they understand the signs or not, their brakes were certainly applied.

With regards to the meaning, “CATS EYES REMOVED” could refer to the missing guiding lights on the tarmac ahead. A driver found this hilarious and said: “I drive by this every day at the minute. Makes me chuckle every time.”

Some remain confused at the bizarre claim. A different driver said: “Passed this today and didn’t make the connection.” The “MICE VERY HAPPY” statement could express that the rodents would be pleased with the road upgrades.

A driver said: “Love it! At first, I assumed a human surveyed at least a hundred mice to gauge their emotions and then made a road sign but I realized that was a silly idea.”

Whether the mice are happy or not, Adcock is pleased by the more cautious driving. Sometimes comical comments can leave a lasting positive impact.


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