CCTV Reveals Dead Family Member Casually Walking Dog

Duty calls even if the body lies a few feet below the ground. Paranormal activity sends chills down the spine, leaving witnesses rubbing their eyes with disbelief. A couple was shocked after they replayed their CCTV and have now believed that they’ve seen a ghost of a family member. It wasn’t floating around idly but rather the ghost was attending to the responsibility of walking the dog.

Matthew Kane and his wife, Lauren, were in bed when he spotted a spooky figure in the footage of their motion-sensor camera. The clip revealed a pale figure coming out of the old cabinet and strolling next to their Australian shepherd dog before pulling a disappearing act.

It was hard for the couple to dismiss the sight since they couldn’t come up with a plausible explanation for the footage.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media

It might be a friendly ghost whose familiar with the residents. Matthew stores ashes and urns of dead pets and relatives in a cabinet so nothing too evil may have paid a visit.

Matthew said: “The figure appears sort of effortlessly from an old cabinet that we’ve got, it seems like it just generates out of that cabinet. It has a perfectly round head and leaves a trail of light behind it. It walks like it’s on a mission, like it wants to get somewhere. You can almost see the arms swinging.”

His wife caught a peek over his shoulder and exclaimed: “Oh sh*t, look at this, do you know what this is?”

Matthew replied: “The look of terror that came over my face when she showed me what was going on in the room next to us. It just looked like a tall person walking our dog.”

Replays are keeping this man on the edge: “I’ve watched the video about 10,000 times because I’ve got to sleep in the room next to where it happened.”

There is some comfort in the ghost adventures. Matt said: “Because of how calm the dog was, in my own head I’m hoping it’s a relative or family member. My father died in a car accident with my brother and stepmother when I was 14. All his things are in that cabinet. It was 20 years ago. I’ve been asking him to visit for years, maybe he did. That could explain why the dog didn’t bark?”

He said: “We’re just a bit confused about it. “I’m not really a believer in this sort of stuff, I’ve never had much to make me believe that sort of thing really exists. Usually, I’m skeptical but I feel differently about this because I just can’t explain it. It’s there to see. My wife thinks the same. We want to believe it’s a play on light or something but we can’t explain it.”

At least, the owner can skip a walk for the day, thanks to the unpaid dog walker.

Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/couple-spooked-cctv-footage-shows-29000986