Cheaters Get Slammed to the Cruise Ship


Infidelity in a relationship is like an unexpected arrow piercing the heart, causing distress and heartache. As a result of the cheating, sometimes victims want to redirect that arrow and puncture it into the ex-lover’s heart. They believe physical assault can soothe emotional trauma.

Relationship drama gets intense on the boat when dozens of passengers exhibit violent behavior after allegations of cheating during the vacation.

A party night left the guests with wounds. A sexual encounter between three passengers caused a turmoil of emotions when their partners found out about the incident. Beer bottles were tossed into the air and shattered on the ground resulting in a woman cut by the broken glass pieces.

Sixty people were involved in the fight, and it lasted about an hour before the security team intervened to bring the heated argument under control.

Theresa James, a travel agent on the cruise, said that the brawl took place on the ship’s fifth floor near the dance club and casino.

“The guests were ignorant fools acting stupid, and the situation could have been worse if not for security,” James said.

Security called the Coast Guard to redirect the ship back to shore before anyone tips off the boat in vengeance. The ship docked in Manhattan was greeted by the New York police officers. The police investigation is looking to address the physical assault on the boat.

Despite the dramatic and violent ending, James believes the cruise was still a worthwhile experience. She said: “While the cruise got intense toward the end, it was an overall great vacation.”


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