Cheese Puffs to Enhance the Flavor of Soup


Fusion and creativity in food keep things interesting in the kitchen for the chef. Foodies are happy to be guinea pigs by experimenting with the taste of unique food combinations. Food experimentation is a win-win scenario until someone ends up with a poop explosion on the toilet.

A Reddit user proposed eating soup with a twist. According to his post, we take the warm, comforting tomato soup and substitute croutons for Wotsits cheese puffs. The cheese snack delivers a crunchy texture to supplement the thick, smooth soup. Is this a recipe for disaster or a cheese lover’s dream come true?

He wrote: “Settle an argument, Wotsits as a crouton alternative in your tomato soup: awful or genius?” He might have missed the croutons from the last grocery trip and tossed in a few puffs to make up for it.

Regardless, people paid attention. The user got upvoted 79 percent and his post received over 700 comments. People chimed in to share their verdict on this strange combination.

A person wrote: “Dirty bugger.”

Another user added: “Croutons are crunchy. Wotsits will just disintegrate into sludge. Firm ‘no’ from me!” That’s why you have to gobble it up in seconds. Eating soggy cheese puffs sounds like a punishment to avoid food waste.

“Sit in the corner you cheesy-fingered freak,” said another.

Someone wrote: “I’ve found that food posts on this sub give me both nausea and a curiosity.” There is a disconnect between the brain and the stomach. People feel all sorts of ways.

No debate is complete without bringing religion into the argument. As one user put it, “If you ever wonder why the gods abandoned us, look upon this post and weep.”


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