Chicken Found Loose on Mexico City Subway Tracks

A chicken was running loose on subway tracks and temporarily stopped service for the rail passengers on Mexico City’s subway system.

Multiple videos circulated from the city’s Metro system where the electricity was cut off at a station near the city’s center. In one of the videos, maintenance personnel and civil defense officers were running after the chicken, trying to rescue it from getting hurt. The bird gave them a good exercise as they chased around the tracks with brooms, gloves and a trash bag.

Credit: MetroCDMX

After a bit of struggle, one worker threw his coat over the chicken and got a hold of it. The subway station resumed service shortly after catching the bird.

Mexico City’s subway system had to deal with several interruptions in its operations. Prior to the chicken incident, a woman was arrested after bits of a plastic washing machine agitator fell on the subway tracks at another station. She was released after the judge ruled that it was an accidental act rather than an intentional one.

In this case, since no one can lock up the chicken, it’s free to run wild outside of the subway station.