Chicken Hops on Boogie Board For Wild Ride


You may have heard about a chicken crossing the road but this chicken rides in style on its way over. A family’s chicken was caught on camera as it caught some waves using a boogie board after a storm in Tornado, West Virginia.

The chicken, Shelly, was placed on a boogie board by her owner, Peyton Rogers. Neighbors Jonathan and Amber Walls Koerber captured the footage as the chicken made her way downstream. She eventually gets tired of the ride and hops off to get her feet wet.

Credit: Jonathan Koerber

Apparently, the water wasn’t deep enough for any of their kids to ride on the boogie boards, which led to Jonathan suggesting Rogers put his chickens on it.

The neighbors all enjoyed a good laugh “after the shock of realizing [the bird] actually seemed to enjoy it,” Amber said.

It sounds like Shelly had a great time riding the waves and enjoyed not having to walk around for once.


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