Chicken Wing-Flavored Lip Gloss for Your Hot Date


If you love diving into a basket of chicken wings and have an upcoming romantic date, this cosmetic item may be an appealing product. Applebee’s Restaurants have partnered with Winky Lux to introduce a fusion of food and makeup. In collaboration, the two companies have created four different lip glosses to take your date to the next level. Stop popping gum for fresh breath and start applying one-of-a-kind lip gloss for lips that lure love interests.

Dating prospects could be impressed at the taste of those lips. These high-shine glosses strike the delicate balance of looking aesthetically pleasing while awakening the taste buds.

  1. Get Me Hot Buffalo – “A creamy coral that packs the hot buffalo spice your ex could never have handled.”
  2. Be My Honey Pepper – “A gorgeous, golden honey-spiced gloss with shimmering flecks that’ll make you the queen bee of date night.”
  3. Sweet Chile Kiss – “A deep rich red kissed with a hint of fine golden Chile specks that put the “mmm” in make out.”
  4. Honey BBQ-T – “A shiny, smoky barbecue hue with a side of honey sweetness to make your kisses downright craveable.”

Great style and taste can be possible with a small investment of $18.

Gone are the days when you avoid ordering wings at the restaurant for fear of a messy dining situation. Now, you smear the chicken-flavored lip gloss all over your lips and pucker up for the next smooching session. Drool-worthy food and a passionate dating experience can coexist.


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