Child Mistakes Teacher’s Name as Mr. Penis


Children can be extremely inappropriate without trying to be so it comes as no surprise that one mom thought her kid was lying when she told her the name of her class teacher.

According to a mother online, her preschool-aged daughter was adamant that her new teacher’s name was “Mr. Penis.” After a bit of arguing, the parent was finally able to see the teacher’s name for what it actually was: Ms. Derpanis.

The amused mom took to Twitter to share her child’s hilarious moment. The parent, who goes under the handle @IHideFromMyKids, wrote: “My daughter insisted her new preschool teacher’s name was Mr. Penis. We argued over it until one day we finally saw it in writing. Ms. Derpanis. Her name was Ms. Derpanis.”

The extremely relatable tweet blew up, clocking over 200,000 likes and 14,000 retweets. It has since prompted a number of other people to share similar stories of their own children.

One fellow parent commented: “We would ask my oldest daughter every day how school went. […] One day she replied, ‘today we had a prostitute teacher.’ At first, we were baffled and stunned. Then, I realized she meant substitute teacher.”

Despite the unusual name, the mother sent a follow-up tweet about her daughter’s teacher. “While true, I did change the spelling slightly in the name and for the record, Ms. D is phenomenal. Love to teachers everywhere for taking care of our hilarious kids!” she wrote.


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