Children Are Garbage


The childfree couples: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Before parents explode with an angry response, stop and chuckle at a lady’s optical illusion. The eyes are deceiving as Zila Golbert’s observation of a child turned into something unexpected. Golbert was frustrated by a child standing in a fixed position as the kid did not budge. She was perplexed at the lack of movement by the kid across the street.

She did a double-take and a closer peek revealed a pile of garbage positioned in a way that resembles a young child from far. This case is one instance where a comment stating “the kid looks like garbage” will not be considered offensive.

Golbert shared the experience on Facebook to highlight her hilarious confusion. One user replied: “That’s great. That’s definitely worth going viral over. Head even looks blurry to be anonymous.”

Another person wrote: “That’s hilarious. You should show your photos it to the neighbor and have a good old laugh about it.”

The streets will be bustling with more children on garbage day.


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