Chimp Returns to Zoo on Bicycle


Animals escape from their enclosures every now and then but it’s unlikely they’ve returned in style quite like this monkey. A chimpanzee escaped from a Ukrainian zoon and was returned to the facility on a zookeeper’s bike.

According to zoo officials, the chimp, named Chichi, was able to get out of the Kharkiv Zoo and wandered the nearby streets of Kharkiv to a local park. Zookeepers made sure to give the primate some space to explore before the rescue mission was put into action.

In a video posted online, Chichi approached one of the works once it started to rain. Not a fan of the wet weather, the animal was looking for some shelter from the storm. The zookeeper offered up her yellow raincoat, which Chichi was able to put on.

Credit: Суспільне Новини/XC Kharkiv

Wanting to return back to a safe, dry place, the chimp hopped on a bicycle and was wheeled back to the zoo. It’s unclear how Chichi was able to escape.

Chichi was one of the numerous animals that had to be evacuated earlier in the Russian invasion from Feldman Ecopark, an outdoor zoo in the area that was dangerously close to targets of Russian shelling.


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