China Hit by “Rain of Worms” As Residents Told to Carry Umbrellas

A little water never hurt anyone but what about rainfall that’s full of worms? Residents from the Chinese province of Liaoning rushed to find shelter after it looked like the area was being hit with raining worms.

A viral clip on Twitter showed the area being battered with what seemed to be little worms that splattered all over cars, buildings and the surrounding roads. Residents were told to carry umbrellas to take cover so they could continue on with their daily routines.

Thousands of worms covered the streets, which many believe were being swept up by heavy winds and dropping in the area. It has previously been reported that this type of occurrence has been witnessed before and can happen after insects are caught up in a whirlpool and dumped during storms.

Another theory suggests the worms in China were actually poplar flowers, which is a tulip tree whose blossoms resemble worms. One person even stated: “These are not worms or animals but flower stalks dropped from trees.”

This occurrence is not uncommon during the spring season when the poplar trees first begin to bloom. The flower spikes fall from the trees and are often mistaken for worms or caterpillars by people who are not familiar with this phenomenon.

Whatever actually is dropping from the sky, it’s obvious that most would prefer not to be peppered by it while out and about.