Chipotle’s New Lemonade Shade Candle


Even fast food brands can be shady now and then. Chipotle has known for a while that many of its customers enjoy sneaking free lemonade by filling a free water cup with the beverage. The restaurant decided to call out the sneaky customers in a fun way.

The burrito chain released a candle poking fun at the habit and also in honor of National Lemonade Day. The limited edition soy candle is meant to look exactly like a Chipotle water cup and smells just like a delicious glass of lemonade.

Each candle also comes with a promo code so customers can redeem a free lemonade from their local Chipotle restaurant. No more “accidentally” filling up water cups with lemonade here.

The candle is for sale for $28 on Chipotle’s website for a limited time. Just like the sweet beverage, who knows how long supplies will last?

This isn’t the first time the brand has called out those who have tried the lemonade trick before. In 2018, they tweeted: “In this house, we love and appreciate people who don’t put lemonade in their water cups.”

Chipotle may be throwing some shade with this new candle but despite the banter, overall, they’re looking for a fun way to connect with fans. Poking fun at a hilarious meme is one way to do it.


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