Clingy Cat Joins The Road Trip


Family vacations are incomplete without the company of the pets. A family tried to go on a trip without their cat. However, the stubborn pet slipped into their car to tag along.

Andrea Scholten and her family packed their belongings for a road trip from St. Albans, Maine, to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for an airshow event.

They were in for a surprise when their cat, Delilah, left the residence for an adventure.

When they realized she had joined the ride, it was too late to send her home. They were 900 miles away from home and headed towards Toledo, Ohio. She got lucky this time.

“I open the door and there’s Delilah. I just screamed ‘Delilah!’ and my husband and the kids were like ‘Delilah!’ So we went to Target, we bought her food, litter, a collar that we could write her name on because we were completely unprepared for this,” Scholten said.

Will Delilah survive her time as a camper cat? If she doesn’t adjust to the new environment, she may need to be placed in a kennel. Fortunately, she adapted well to the camping grounds and enjoyed the experience.

Delilah became a famous cat as Scholten’s Facebook posts attracted a lot of attention to the cat. People started noticing her more after she made it to the destination for the EAA AirVenture 2022 event.

She had a good time watching the planes fly over her. She had a special tribute in her honor with a cat figure displayed in skywriting.

The adventure was not over yet. Delilah accompanied her family and toured Niagara Falls.

Delilah gets the shotgun seat next time since her family has decided to take her on future road trips. She will not need to sneak herself in for the ride.


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