Coastguard Patrol Delayed by Large Deer Herd Crossing

When deer cross the road, most of the time it’s an individual or a small group looking to make their way across the street. That wasn’t the case when a coastguard patrol in England stopped for a deer when it was followed by dozens more across the road.

A video of the scene was posted on Facebook by HM Coastguard Bacton in Norfolk, England. The video shows a deer slowly approaching the road before breaking into a sprint across.

Credit: HM Coastguard Bacton

“Friday afternoon the team went on patrol and as they came out of Sea Palling, they had to pull over to let a few deer cross the road, we thought you would like to see them,” the post read.

Almost instantly, dozens of other deer can also be seen running across the road. The large group was able to get across in a timely enough manner but it remains unclear as to how late the patrol officers were to their destination.