Code Compliance Official Finds Alligator in Attic

When inspecting a home, most officials are looking for problems with the actual structure itself. One county code compliance official in North Carolina received the surprise of their life by discovering an eight-foot-long alligator in the attic.

The New Hanover County Government confirmed that Dean Brown, a county code compliance official, was inspecting a new home under construction around the Carolina Beach Road area when he saw the large alligator in the attic.

“The workers having lunch sitting the next room — I asked them to leave,” Brown said. “They kind of laughed at me when I told them why, and I said, ‘Well, you might want to look because there’s an alligator in the attic.'”

The county shared a photo of the giant reptile on its Facebook page. The caption for the post read: “Have you ever seen an alligator in an attic?”

Brown also said that the attic gator was a first he’s seen in a home before. “You’ll see nothing major, I have seen squirrels, of course, small rodents. Squirrels, probably the biggest ones I’ve seen in the attic. I have seen a gator that was in the yard, kind of sunbathing, back in the nineties. You know, I really didn’t think much of that. I have run into several snakes,” Brown said.

Animal control officers were able to get the alligator out of the home and relocate it.