Cold McDonald’s Fries Lead To Murder Arrest


Weeping about cold, soggy fries had one man locked up behind bars.

Antoine Sims caused a scene at Mcdonald’s when he received cold french fries without a receipt. Sims and the restaurant manager got into an argument. When matters escalated, they both called 911 to end the dispute. The manager told the cops that Sims must exit the restaurant for criminally trespassing. Sims complained about the state of his fries without any regard for his involvement in a murder case four years prior.

In 2018, Sims was subject to a murder charge for the death of a woman. He was accused of driving a dead woman to a Lawrenceville subdivision and lighting the car on fire while the body was inside. He never attended the court proceeding to deal with the consequences.

Sims was not a coward, and he did not hide from the cops. He hollered for their attention by swinging fries in their faces. “They’re lukewarm but they’re not hot,” Sims says to the cops. “I just asked if we could get some fresh fries.”

Officers ran his I.D. card and asked him to complete the required paperwork.

“I know how to fill it out,” Sims responds. “Am I under arrest?”

“Yes, you are,” the officer says.

“I called the police!” Sims shouts.

“Well you shouldn’t do that if you have a warrant,” the officer says.

That was his cue to dart for his escape, and Sims fled the scene. The officers got into his car and began to chase him. While attempting to catch the suspect, Kennesaw dispatch informed the officer that Sims had an active warrant for failure to appear for homicide out of Fulton County.

Approximately 20 minutes later, officers found Sims in the parking lot of an apartment building. Surveillance cameras captured officers in the chase and one of the cops used his taser to pin Sims to the ground.

Officers found marijuana from previous drug dealings in Sims’ car during the McDonald’s fight. Sims was taken to the Cobb County jail temporarily and will be shifted to Fulton County.

McDonald’s fries may be disappointing but it has to be better than jail food. This man learned the hard way that you cannot burn up a woman’s body and complain about lukewarm fries to the cops.


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